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Sewage Data Sheet
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Sewage Quantity
      Maximum M3 per day*
      Minimum M3 per day
      Average M3 per day
Nature of sewage
      Black Water M3 per day  *
      Canteen in M3 per day  *
      Bath Waste M3 per day  *
Fresh water consumption in M3 / day  *
Expansion Plans for next 2 Years in M3
Area available in ft2 for civil construction *

Sewage input Values in ppm Required Parameters in Treated sewage Values in ppm
pH   * pH   *
Suspended Solids Suspended Solids
BOD   * BOD   *
COD   * COD   *
Total Dissolved Solids Total Dissolved Solids
Fat, Oil & Grease [FOG]   * Color   *
Heavy Metals              [if available] Temperature
Chloride   * Turbidity   *
Turbidity Ordor
Ammonical Nitrogen (Nutrients) Residual Cl2(mg/h)
E-Coli  [CFU/100 ml]

Specific requirements
Important Note:
10 liters of the sample sewage should accompany with this report, by courier on door delivery basis to M/s. Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd, #-48, Noothanchary, Madambakkam, Chennai - 600126. (Phone: 0091 44 22781148)
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