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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd, India offers platinum group precious metal oxide coatings - for long lifetimes & low operating potentials for service in chlor-alkali membrane cells.

Tiís coating systems are based on a range of nano-structured multi-layers of metal oxides; these include Ru, Ir, Pt, Pl and Ti - offer increased performance over conventional materials by maximising catalytic phases and surface area interactions. By adding doping agents to the catalysts, we are able to make them more selective and further improve performance.

The developed coating technology allows for very thin layers to be deposited increasing cost effectiveness. The MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) Coated substrate will undergo multiple thermal treatments at elevated temperatures. This process will achieve very good bonding properties between the mixed metal oxide coating and the substrate.
Features of Anode coating
  • Very low oxygen coating with slightly higher chlorate inefficiency.
  • Suitable for all cell technologies such as UHDE, CEC, Asahi Glass, Lurgi, ELTECH & etc.
  • Suitable for current densities in excess of 6 kA/m2.
  • Excellent stability of the MMO coated (Mixed Metal Oxide) titanium anode; consequently do not contaminate the electrolysis system, improving the products purity and maintenance costs.
  • Allows controlled, minimal gap cells.
  • Substantially reduced energy consumption.
  • Improved product quality & Exhibit long life.
  • Operate at low voltage.
  • Minimize energy consuming side reactions.
  • Improve tolerance of operational upsets.
Features of Cathode Coating
  • Ti provides cathode coating for chlorine membrane cells. This platinum based electro - catalyst delivers the lowest hydrogen over-potential for maximum electrical savings.
  • It is expected to give voltage savings of 280 mV vs. bare nickel cathodes. This translates to power consumption savings of 200 DC kW Hr / MT of chlorine. As current density increases, savings increase.
  • Tiís Cathode Coating also provides excellent wear resistance and long life through a permanent coating which causes no caustic contamination as compared to competitive coatings.
  • Its performance is limited only by the impurities in the caustic circulation system. Tiís coatings are more resistant than other cathode coatings to iron fouling

Tiís Cathode Coating can be applied over a variety of substrates including mesh, louvers, sheet, punched plate and screen and in all chlorine membrane technologies.

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