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The leading anti - corrosion character, outstanding electrical, physical and mechanical properties of tantalum is ideally suited for condensing, re-boiling, preheating and cooling of nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, bromic acid, sulfuric acid and combinations of these acids with many other chemicals.

Tantalum equipments are fabricated from electron beam melted tantalum high purity rod, sheet and tubing. Equipments and components are designed and manufactured to meet specific operating conditions.

Tantalum equipments
Tantalum Equipments include...
  • Bayonet heater, heat exchangers, condensers & Coils.
  • Thermocouple Protection sheaths - seamless, Seam welds or machined from bar stock.
  • Pump casings, shafts & impellers.
  • Distillation columns & boilers.
  • Evaporation boats.
  • Clad dip pipes & heaters.
  • Paddle stirrers & agitators.
  • Deep drawn or fabricated crucibles
  • Furnace parts for use at temperatures up to 2500 C.
  • Repair Kits for tanks, vats & other glass-lined Containers
Material Comparison
Production Downtime None Often Seldom
Maintenance Costs None Very High Little
Capital Costs High Low Medium
Product Purity No Contamination Graphite Flakes HeavyMetals Cotamination
Corrosion None Yes Yes
Drainability Complete Liquid Holdup Complete
Heat Transfer Fluid Compatible Yes No Yes
Potential Catalyst to Process No No Highly Caustic
Dual Containment Design Standard Impossible Optional

Tantalum Bolt
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Tantalum Reactor
Tantalum Reactor

Tantalum welding
Tantalum Lining

Tantalum Reactors
Tantalum Reactors

Titanium Valves
Tantalum Bayonet

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